What’s in my Bag | Spring 2014

Hi guys, I decided to do a quick what’s in my bag to go alongside the outfit post that I put up yesterday. So let’s start.
Firstly, my bag is a black leather barrel type bag from Topshop. I got it as a gift from my parents for Christmas and I have used it pretty much everyday since then. I love everything about it, one thing that is slightly annoying is that the zip is quite small so when I put my iPad in there I have to shimmy it around. Other than that it’s great! The items in my bag are what I usually take to sixthform with me, I wouldn’t usually carry a pencil case and only occasionally take my iPad out with me.

The largest thing in my bag is my white iPad Mini and I can’t live without it. I got it last Summer and it’s the best thing I’ve ever purchased. I highly recommend the mini, it’s such a great size for everything. The case that I have with it at the moment is a black leather sleeve from ASOS. I then have my purse which, like my bag, is from Topshop and was a Christmas gift. I also have my Emma Bridgewater pencil case that my mum picked up for me a couple of months ago.

The last picture shows that smaller things that I carry around with me. I have my keys which also have my memory sticks on because I’m pretty useless when it comes to remembering my memory stick when I need it! I then have some sunglasses for when the weather’s a bit nicer. I then have some carmex and hand cream and I highly recommend both products, smooth hands and smooth lips for me. The weird looking round thing is a Jack Wills mirror which I just find a great size to sling in my bag to see how ugly I look throughout the day (jokes..). Last but not least I have a small Cath Kidston clasp purse which has my iPod, earphones and USB in.

Thanks for reading, I hope you’re enjoying my posts. Be sure to check out my other posts from this week and thank you to anyone that has followed my blog on bloglovin. Bye guys.

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