What I’ve Been up to Recently

August 16, 2014

Hi guys, the past couple of months have been crazy and I wanted to just do an update/round up post to summarise what I’ve been up to so I hope you like it.

1. I finished college forever on the 25th June. I have incredibly mixed emotions about it because I don’t miss it at all. You know people say ‘school days are the best days of your life’? Don’t believe them. The best days of your life are the ones you make the best. I have been so happy since finishing college and I intend to stay happy.

2. I’ve been working alongside my Mum in her business which has been a lot of fun. I was really unsure about how we would work together but things are going really well at the moment. It’s a very creative job and I didn’t realise how much I’ve missed art, I haven’t done anything ‘arty’ for over two years since I finished my Art GCSE.

3. My parents and two little sisters went away for a fortnight camping at the end of July and me and my Mum decided that instead of shutting shop for the two weeks I would run the business on my own. Doing that and also running the house (my brother is nearly 20 but is only really at home to sleep) I felt a huge sense of independence and surprised myself with how much I managed to do.

4. I went to collect my A level results and didn’t do too badly. At the moment I’m unsure what my next step will be but at least I know that I have my A levels to help with whatever the next step will be.

5. I’m 18 in two days! I will, by law, be classed as an adult. It won’t really change much but I feel like it will be a fresh start for me. As I mentioned in my previous post, I spent a lot of sixth form dreading school and petrified of the future but all I feel now is excitement for the future. I’m ready to do things that I enjoy and start taking steps in building my career.

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