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January 13, 2017

I recently visited Paris, and visiting a new country properly for the first time, (Tenerife when I was 4 years old and France for a day in year 7 doesn’t really count) it confirmed to me what I already know. I NEED TO TRAVEL, REGULARLY. The world is so huge and there are vast lands that people have never stepped food on before. There are languages you’ll never hear and cultures you’ll never have the privilege of experiencing. I am well aware that it’s not physically possible to travel everywhere in one lifetime. But my god I’m planning to give it my best shot. For me, it’s not about getting away from anything, more taking a breather and slowing time down a little bit in a new place. I do want to travel all around the world but to me it’s also important to experience everything that the UK has to offer too.

More often than not, people assume that to ‘get away’ you need to fly for a couple of hours at least. I’ve realised that just an hour on a train can take to you somewhere amazing. I’m learning more and more, the further that I travel, that you should never let your fears stop you. Even 30 minutes on your own on a train can do your mind the world of good and at the end you’ve arrived in a new town. All new, all scary but all helping you grow and experience the world. Here are some places I’d love to visit in 2017, enjoy.
I love London so much, I want to visit for a few days days at a time this year. A day trip is lovely but there’s nothing better than waking up in the city and experiencing it at every hour of the day.

I visited Brighton very briefly a couple of years ago. It was in wet and windy February so I’d love to go back in the Spring/Summer months. I’ve found so many lovely Air BnB’s there so hopefully I’ll get to go back sometime this year.

I’m so excited to be visiting Barcelona as part of my college work. We’re going next month and pretty much, I feel like I need a little change of scenery so this trip can’t come around fast enough if I’m honest.

My favourite family members live in Ireland and I really hope we visit a couple of times this year. They live in the middle of nowhere so it’s so quiet and calm. LOVE LOVE LOVE

My parents and sisters have visited for the last three years. I never go but I’d love to go for a week or so in the Summer (hopefully I’ll be driving by then!)

SO excited at the thought of visiting Edinburgh. This is probably one of the top places on my list for 2017. I really really want to go (soon please)

I’ve never been to a hot country on holiday, maybe this year a proper Summer holiday will be on the cards?

So, there’s my *slightly delayed* travel post. I hope you enjoyed finding out where I’d love to visit this year. Is there anywhere you’re desperate to visit in 2017?

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