Topshop Leigh & Pull&Bear Jean Comparison

June 20, 2015

Hi guys, after recently finding a new favourite pair of jeans I’ve decided to write a comparison against my trusty Topshop Leigh Jeans. Enjoy.

Firstly, the light blue pair are my Topshop Leigh jeans for £40 and the dark blue pair are from Pull&Bear for £19.99. Comparing the overall fit of the jean; Topshop are tight and very ‘sucky inny’ while the P&B pair are a slightly more casual skinny fit. Also, the distressing is neater on the P&B pair which I tend to lean towards more. The P&B pair have a raw edge at the bottom that I wear down sometimes but I do also like to roll them up as I did in the photos.

I really like both pairs and I definitely couldn’t live without wither of them however, if I had to only keep one pair it would be the P&B pair 100%. Being slightly looser fitting they’ll be fine to wear in the Great British Summer. They’re half the price of the Topshop Jeans. The only negative with these jeans is that they only have back pockets, so are more like jeggings in that sense. This can be slightly annoying for an avid mobile phone user like myself but other than that I think they’re great.

So definitely, if you’re on a budget, the Pull&Bear pair are just as great, if not better than the Topshop pair being that the material is less stretchy and a bit more structured than the Topshop pair.

I hope that you enjoyed this post. I’m thinking of turning this idea of comparing similar items from different shops so look out for more in the future.

Thanks for reading, see you soon.

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