Thinking Too Much

May 16, 2014

Hi guys, sorry about the lack of posts for the last week or so but I’m back with a short update type post.

I’ve always been a person that needs an end goal, and something that I aspire to do or be. And up until a year and a half ago that was teaching. I was so passionate about becoming a Primary School teacher. However, my love for fashion and all things computers/camera took over and this left me feeling totally lost. Yeah, I’m not even 18 and I don’t need to worry about my future too much but over the past few weeks especially I have been feeling the pressure.

I’ve recently applied for an apprenticeship in social media & digital marketing so I’m crossing my fingers that I am offered an interview. I feel normal, and my worries about the future have disappeared once again.

I don’t need to know what career I want for the rest of my life, I don’t need to know what job I’ll have next year. As long as you’re happy and doing what you want to the don’t worry about anything. A little quote that I am keeping with me from now on is this


Just remember to live life for the moment.

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