The Thames River Cruise | London 7th-10th July

July 17, 2016

After attending the Hampton Court Flower Show we walked through the show to the river having decided that we would get the boat to Westminster. When I found out it was THREE HOURS long I wasn’t best pleased but the time flew and it was so nice to see London from a different perspective. I managed to capture a few photos and some video footage that I’ve put into a little London blog type things so I’ll be posting that soon. The most interesting part of the boat journey for me was just being able to see how many planes fly over all the time. I’ve never really looked up to see planes flying over London and after the boat ride I kept noticing all the planes. Here are a few of the photos that I took while on the boat.

After the boat trip we headed to South Bank to the Udder Belly Festival. I plan to write an in depth review of this amazing summer attraction so look out for that soon, but today I’ll be posting another London post featuring images of Portobello Road Market.

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