The Pressure of a New Year

January 27, 2019

‘New Year, New Me.’

As I’ve stated previously, I love the new year, new prospects, a fresh beginning. But, with that being said, I think it also comes with a lot of pressure. You curate a list of all the things you want to achieve, you see lists of what others want to achieve, and a lot of the time you’ll also see a list of what other people managed to achieve in the previous year.

You start questioning if you did enough last year, if you’ve set good enough goals for the year ahead, and it can leave you feeling unfulfilled about the year just gone, and anxious about the year incoming.

We need to remember that it’s only January! So what if you’ve only been for 2 runs so far this year? (guilty!) Or that you didn’t quite manage to complete Veganuary? You’re trying, and that’s enough. You’ve got the entire year to run more, or eat a more plant based diet. Don’t be so hard on yourself that you couldn’t wake up in 2019 a brand new person.

Stop putting so much pressure on ticking off this list of goals that you’ve created. Have them as guides to lead you in the coming months, but remember that YOU are the person who created them, and YOU are not a failure if you haven’t managed to tick them all off just yet. Take things slow, you’ve got another 11 months to do it!

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