Sunday Summary 7

May 7, 2018

30th April – 6th May

1. This week has been a bit crazy and busy for me. On Tuesday the 1st I did my last ever shift at H&M, and after 6 months I was moving on to a new adventure. So much has changed since I got the job at H&M and I’ve learnt so much about myself too. I met so many lovely people and a group of us went for food on Friday as a goodbye meal. (Although it’s more like a ‘see ya soon’).

2. I officially started my new job on the 2nd May and already love it. I love the consistent hours (which will hopefully mean a bit of a blogging schedule/more consistency). The variety in my job makes me excited for every new day, not to mention the fact i get EVERY WEEKEND OFF! That’s something that was few and far between at my last job due to the nature of the work. But, since my parents brought the little cottage in Norfolk I’m so glad that I found my new job when I did.

3. It was a bank holiday and my family, dogs and I spent the whole weekend there. We visited so many cute places and it’s made me so excited to go and visit all through the Summer and into the Autumn/Winter months too. I drove there in my car and can definitely see myself popping there on my own/with friends when I need a little break from reality.

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