Sunday Summary 6

April 29, 2018

16th April – 29th April

1. For the last couple of weeks we’ve had some lovely weather on and off. So I’ve been popping out and about in the countryside that’s so close to where I live. It’s easy to forget all the beautiful places around you during the winter, especially when it’s boggy, muddy fields! But I’m looking forward to spending the lighter evenings in the countryside.

2. I’m trying to get my butt in gear with my little online shop again, and these few brush lettering pages are the start of that.

3. I had a couple of days at my new job in the week beginning 23rd April. Then I worked at H&M for the rest of the week so I had a pretty busy week.

4. I’ve started making plans for my new wardrobe setup and am in the process of deciding exactly what I want and where.

Next week is a little exciting (but scary too!) stay tuned.

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