Sunday Summary 5

April 15, 2018
26th March – 15th April

It’s been a little while since I did one of these. So here’s a few things from the past three weeks.

1. My parents went to visit family in Ireland for a few days. All of the photos my Mum took made me wish I was there too! Hopefully I can pop over for a long weekend or something soon.

2. I invited my friend (and the person who took ALL my outfit photos last year and the year before!) Lori over for a brunch catch up while she was home from uni and it was so fab to catch up. We also shot my last outfit post while the sun popped out for a few minutes.

3. Easter sprung upon us so quickly, I ate chocolate and relaxed with family all day. I can’t wait for Spring and Summer to get into full swing.

4. I’m attempting the 100 Day Creative Challenge. I’m using the hashtag #100daysofshanicolesdesigns and although I have missed a few days it’s still really helping me get creative again.

5. Something nerve wracking/exciting happened over the last couple of weeks, however I need to wait a little longer to see if it will materialise. If you don’t hear about it again then it’s no happening hahaha but keep your fingers crossed for me.

6. One of my favourite things to do is pop to my local shopping complex with friends for a mooch around the shops and a nice dinner. It’s rare that we get days off together, so when we do it’s nice to make the most of it.

7. We got the exciting news we’ve been waiting for for a few weeks now. The Norfolk house is all ours! We’ve got a cute little cottage in Norfolk to go to at the weekends and also turn into a holiday home for people to rent out too. I can’t wait to spend as much time as possible by the sea.

8. I did a little design on a kraft gift back and it’s got me thinking about products I could do in the future for my little online shop.

9. And today I did a workout, tidied my room and refreshed my wardrobe, packing all my Winter coats and jumpers up until next Autumn! I also did a little try-on of some new clothes I’ve brought recently and Summer clothes I’ve had for the last couple of years. I said it already but I CANNOT WAIT FOR SUMMER.

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