Sunday Summary 3

March 15, 2018
26th February – 12th March
So, the week beginning 26th February was officially my week off from work. In case you didn’t know, I work part-time in retail and had holiday to take. Above are a few photos from that week.
1. On the first day of my holiday I went on got my hair done. I started the process of going blonde all over with two sessions of balayage last summer but didn’t keep up with it (hence the super outgrown hair that I hadn’t toned in months).
My plan is still to go as light as I can all over so that I can go a grey/blue shade but it’s still going to take time. We went way higher with the balayage and shorter with my hair and I LOVE it. I can’t wait to book in to go even lighter.
2. I took some time to get my creative juices flowing again. The Winter has felt sooo long and I’m excited to have more daylight hours to keep making and creating.
3. IT SNOWED lots. My drive to work isn’t the fastest and I use country roads to get from my town to work so I was glad that it worked out to be my week off. If not I wouldn’t have been able to get there anyway.
4. I wore my Doc Marten’s (which I’ve worn a total of approx 2 times). I did enjoy wearing them but I wore tiny little socks so ended up with cuts on my foot. Serves me right tbh. ha
5. More new products ideas. I’m loving brush lettering so think this will be prominent in a lot of my new designs.
6. How cool are these jeans. I saw them on the Monki website and fell in love, couldn’t get them out of my mind so just brought them to see what they looked like on. And I adore them, they’re such a nice fit for my body and I’m looking forward to featuring them in an outfit post soon.

7. I keep visiting Poppy. She’s so sweet with so much character, and she’s got her own mini tangle teezer JUST LOOK AT HER.

8. A little commissioned card for a lovely customer for Mother’s Day.

9. Just before Mother’s Day my sister and I went to a new(ish) shopping complex near me and I brought so many cool pieces. We also brought my Mum a few lovely things for Mother’s Day. We got an orchid, an Emma Bridgewater ‘Mummy’ mug and some new pyjamas.
After she unwrapped her gifts we visited both of my Great Nan’s graves and popped a cute little windmill on each one. It was so lovely to see people visiting their loved ones too.

10. Finally, on Mother’s Day evening my Nan and Grandad came round for a chinese takeaway and brought Poppy to meet my dogs for the first time. And Ben fell in love, he spent most of the evening trying to convince her to play with him (he didn’t succeed :() Maybe next time ay?

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