Sunday Summary 2

February 27, 2018
Here’s a little summary of last week. Not much happened really but one VERY exciting thing happened.
1. There’s a new puppy in the family! Not in my crazy house though so she’s not mine (sadly), but I’ve visited her everyday since she came home and she’s the cutest craziest little pup.
2. I’ve booked in to get my hair done. I started getting my hair balayaged last year but didn’t keep up with getting it done. I guess I was hoping for instant results and for my hair to be exactly like the photos I’d seen. But my hair’s pretty dark so that obviously wasn’t the case. I’d left it to grow out A LOT. I’m excited to have new hair again.
3. Finally this week, I’ve got a week off. I’m so excited to spend the next week working solely on my little shop (shanicolesdesigns) to come up with some new product ideas and designs. I’m planning on spending the whole week in my little garden studio/shed listening to music and putting more items on my website. I should also tidy my bedroom while I’ve got all the time in the world!

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