Sunday Summary 1

February 18, 2018

I’m back with another Sunday Summary! I do hope to post these weekly but this post summarises the last fortnight in 9 photos. Obviously I’ve got no photos of work, which has taken up most of this week, but I hope you enjoy seeing what I’ve been up to the rest of the time!

1. A new product idea for Shani Coles Designs. I went to a wool shop and picked some of my favourite colours so that I can start making weaved wall hangings.

2. An outfit that I wore on a family walk, I LOVE the jacket that I got from H&M. And it kept me pretty warm too.

3. This moody looking photo of a church was taken on the walk above. We just about managed to get into the pub before the heavens opened. Also, quick note to self, when Mum calls it a countryside ‘walk’ she actually means ‘a hike uphill, through mud and so on…’

4. Last Sunday’s outfit for work. The jumper says ‘funday’, I thought it was just perfect to brighten up people’s Sunday before the working week begins again.

5. Last week I also popped out for food with Tasha. ‘The Lounge’ is a small chain and in a few of the towns around me. The burgers are amazing too, along with the quirky decor.

6. I can’t help but snap dozens of photos of my dogs, so expect to see one in the majority of these posts.

7. On Valentine’s Day I treated my younger sisters to a Bill’s breakfast. In case you were wondering, we all ordered the Bill’s Breakfast (no mushrooms or eggs for me) and a stack of pancakes to share. LUSHHHH

8. And finally onto today. We went to look at a couple of houses in Norfolk, and just had a general nose around the area. The sun was shining all day too!

9. Another photo from today, we visited to different beaches in Norfolk and it’s confirmed that the sea is my favourite place to be. So calm, quiet and the sea air is so clear and refreshing. Hopefully I’ll be able to the visit the seaside so much more this year.

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