Starting YouTube

August 15, 2015

After starting my first blog 3 years ago and watching YouTube for nearly 5 I’ve always wanted to make my own videos. I studied Film at A levels and started uploading last summer and the summer before that. But my time management was (and still is) somewhat lacking. But, I’ve been working on it and feel that I’m organised enough to try again. I have so many ideas so I just need to put my preparation into action.

What kind of videos?
I’m hoping to upload videos about anything that I’m passionate about, be it fashion, beauty, advice and more. My channel will have lots of variation. I also have a blog channel where I’ll upload some day in the life type vlogs and bloopers.


Hopefully I’ll upload one video a week on my main channel and whenever I do something exciting on my second channel. I’ve just been given an early birthday present in the form of a care so it should hopefully be kind of regular.

I’m so so so excited to try this whole YouTube thing again and I hope that people will enjoy my videos. Look out for my new video tonight!

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