Spring/Summer Style Resolutions


I’ll be writing a post about finding your personal style sometime soon, but for now I wanted to write a fashion resolutions post for myself. We’re well into Spring now even if the weather doesn’t reflect that. So I thought I would highlight a few of the ways I’m going to outline a few of the ways I’m going to switch up my style for Spring and Summer.
This post is inspired by Lily Melrose and HelloOctober who both posted a style resolutions post in January. As I said, this is slightly different because it’s going to focus mainly on Spring Summer fashion but a couple of these resolutions I’l be attempting to keep with me all year round.
For the past few years jeans have been the only thing I’ve worn. Skinny jeans to be precise. I love jeans but they’re not really practical for Summer, even in rainy Great British Summer. So I’m Looking to buy a few playsuits and shorts through the next few months.

I would describe the majority of my wardrobe as ‘safe’, I love everything in it and get my wear out of every piece, I feel very comfortable in monochrome basic outfits. I’d like to buy more colourful clothes, even if it’s just a pop of colour with an accessories or a coloured pair of shoes.

This sort of goes hand in hand with the previous point. I want to be more daring with what I wear by mixing prints with coloured pieces e.g a patterned top with a coloured skirt. Nothing too crazy but something to push my out of my comfort zone.

I have quite a few pairs of trainers and I wear them ALL the time. Converse, Vans, Topshop Slip-ons make up my shoedrobe. I want to start dressing slightly smarter than I do right now and investing in a really nice pair of flat smart shoes is a must for me. They really can add a smart element to most casual outfits. I’d also like to invest in a pair of Nike trainers, mainly for casual wear but also to support my feet slightly more than my others trainers when I go on long walks and the occasional run (I’m working on the running part 😉
I’m not sure why but I’ve never been one for ‘getting my legs out’. I have absolutely no issues with my legs but I just haven’t looked too closely at buying dresses. I do prefer playsuits over dresses because wearing a dress in the wind is horrid but I would like to branch out and buy a few different style dresses. At the moment I have four dresses in my wardrobe and they’re all skater style so I’d like to change it up a little. Dresses look great layered up in the Winter with tights, boots and a big coat or bare legged with sandals in the Summer.

Can you think of any style resolutions for yourself? Maybe adding a pop of colour, or changing up your style a little bit?
Thanks for reading x

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