Rainy London

June 3, 2014

Hi guys, so I finished school last week and it was also half term so my sisters, Mum, cousin and I went to London. I’ve only been to London once before but I absolutely love it there and despite the horrendous weather we all had a really nice time.

It takes about an hour on the train to get to London and when we got there we did a little bit of shopping, some walking around and doing some touristy things. One of which was taking pictures of the landmarks. So here are two of my favourite pictures from my day in London.

This was only my second time in London EVER despite it only being a 1 hour train ride away! I want to go after exams with one of my bestest buds to go to Camden and see a few more of the many sights that London has to offer.

Thanks for reading and thanks to my Mummy for booking the train and buying my things and stuff 🙂 Byeeeeeeee

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