Paris | October 2016

November 27, 2016

So, as you can probably tell from a couple of posts ago, I visited Paris last month. I had such a relaxed few days of exploring the beautiful (but slightly cold) city and of course took hundreds of photos. I’ve finally got round to sorting through them (and getting 100 printed!) so it felt like the perfect time to share some of the photos with you. I’ve picked just a handful of my favourite so as not to bore you. Enjoy!

Day 1
Our ‘first day’ wasn’t really a first day due to the fact we didn’t arrive until it was dark. My sister and I headed to the train station at around 11am, arrived at the airport at approximately 1pm, flew to Paris and met up with our family there and then had an hour or so bus ride to the area that our hotel was in.

I was feeling pretty proud that I managed to navigate my sister and I from our home town all the way to Paris with very little stress or confusion. Flying isn’t my strong point but being in solely responsible for my sister meant I had to man up a little bit and deal with it. (I’m working on it…)

We popped out for some dinner but headed in for an early night ready for our first full day in Paris. How exciting that we managed to bag ourselves rooms with little balconies over looking the cute Parisian streets. *insert heart eye emoji*

Day 2
We woke up (later than expected) feeling refreshed and ready for a day of exploring Paris. First port of call, metro to the Eiffel Tower. It’s surprisingly easy to navigate very much like the London Underground. A lovely French lady directed us where we needed to go and we walked to the Eiffel Tower.

We purchased our tickets (lift tickets obvs) and made our way up the Eiffel Tower. It was quite cloudy but the views were incredible none the less. It made me realise how desperate I am to go on the London Eye, I’ve never seen my favourite city from above. It’s on my to do list!

When we’d finished we grabbed some lunch by the river and then jumped onto one of the River Cruise boats. Freezing? yes. Amazing? yes. Nutella crepes on board? YUP.

Day 2 Cont.
We popped back to our hotel for a bit of chill time and decided to pop back to the Eiffel Tower at night. I’m so pleased we did because just look ^. It looked incredible at night time too. I love how the top was covered with clouds.

It was peeing it down and I didn’t have a coat on that would keep me dry. It was late, I was cold and rained on so we returned to our hotel after grabbing some dinner and I was out like a light.

Day 3
Shopping. We’d purchased a few bits in Sephora yesterday but wanted to explore one of the main shopping streets. It was busy but not as hectic as London is at times.

We started at Le Louvre, which by the way was amazing. I took so many photos here, the architecture is just incredible. As we walked up the shopping street dipping in and out of the stores we could see the Arc de Triomphe up in the middle and of course I took another hundred or so photos of this too.

Day 3 Cont.
We opted to return to the same area at night time again, this time for the night bus tour. I changed into warmer clothes and we made our way back and waited for the night bus to arrive. It’s amazing seeing the city from so many different view points and again, the landmarks look spectacular at night time with all of the lights.

After the tour we grabbed a hot chocolate and navigated the DOUBLE DECKER TRAIN (whatttt) back to our stop and headed to bed.

Day 4.
The last day. A morning spent packing our bags and adventuring up our hotel street as opposed to down how we’d walked the last two days. We were on a search for food but didn’t find anywhere we liked so, ended up walking back down our street to Bio Burger. Which FYI tasted so freaking good.

Then we flew home and were stopped by a lovely (not) man at Passport Control who questioned everything about me taking my sister to Paris for a few days and told me next time I need a note from my parents (who knew). We subsequently missed our train home and had to wait an hour in Luton Airport Parkway station. Yay.

2 responses to “Paris | October 2016”

  1. Stunning pictures. Really made me miss Paris. Nowhere else like it and so much to discover each time. Last time I visited we stayed in Montparnasse which was a new area to me, and really liked it. GORGEOUS post! X

    Sarah |

  2. Shani Coles says:

    Sorry I didn't see your lovely comment 🙁 (I forget to look because i don't usually get many!). I definitely want to go back soon, my sister's in love with the city too x

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