Nixon Kensington Leather Watch

Hi guys, so I got a new watch for Christmas so I thought I’d dedicate a post to it as I did with my previous Casio watch (HERE).

If you compare this watch to my previous watch they have a couple of similarities. The first being the fact that they both have gold faces and the second being that they both have black leather straps. I guess I love the look of a classic watch and the fact that you can wear it with anything.

I love how simple the face is with no numbers, just lines marking each hour on the watch. Although the face is a lot larger than my previous watch it’s the perfect size and doesn’t look at all bulky on the wrist. The overall service that I received was great, postage was fast and the watch came packaged securely to keep the watch protected. I am definitely looking at more watches by Nixon to purchase in the future.

The direct link to the watch that I purchased is HERE.
The link for their website is HERE. They have so many different styles to suit lots of different tastes so I highly recommend going over and having a little look.

See you soon x


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