My First Video

August 15, 2015

Hours of planning, 2 half days of filming and hours of editing and this is the result. My first YouTube video. If you didn’t know, I’ve just started a YouTube channel (Read more HERE). Thank you so so much to Lori for filming 🙂

The video (click the thumbnail to play) isn’t as good as I hope for my videos to be but you’ve got to start somewhere! It’s also been uploaded a lot later than I was hoping to post it but at least it’s up! This was filmed on my iPhone 5s so the quality isn’t the greatest but I’ve just got a new camera so the quality should be better for all future videos.

I hope that you enjoy, please subscribe if you like it and There’ll be more videos up soon. I also uploaded a couple of videos onto my vlog channel whilst in Ireland so you can find them HERE.

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