My Favourite Spot in London

December 30, 2014

Yesterday I went in to London with one of my friends to do a bit of shopping on Oxford street. It was totally mobbed, every shop was full to bursting and the street was chocka block with thousands of people. I’ve never experienced anything like that in London before because I’ve never chosen to go during the Christmas sales. I ended up not buying a single thing, mainly because I couldn’t be bothered to search through all the crap and get pushed around by inconsiderate shoppers. I ended up feeling very crowded and uncomfortable. 

It didn’t feel like I was in London. Usually when I’m in London I feel calm and all my worries melt away. I didn’t want to go home feeling unsatisfied or with bad feelings towards London so we decided to take a trip to my favourite place in London. Southbank.

It never feels too busy or hectic and yesterday we went when it was dark. All the lights looked so beautiful and we walked past the London Eye and the Houses of Parliament. There were very few people around which meant I could just take in the calm atmosphere and I was also able to appreciate the beauty of the city. All the buildings looked incredible and there were lots of cute stalls lined up down the side of the river. I picked up a hot chocolate and we must have walked for an hour or two. I thought I’d include photos of this area that I’ve taken on a couple of trips. I think this will always be my favourite spot in London.

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