My Everyday Accessories #2

April 30, 2015
Hi guys, today I thought I’d share an updated ‘My Everyday Accessories’ post with you. I posted my previous ‘Everyday Accessories’ (here) a little over a year ago and the majority of the items have changed so enjoy.
Firstly, most rings remain the same as last time, the gold being my late grandmothers, a silver Pandora heart ring (here) and one of my Mum’s old silver rings. I have one new addition in the form of another Pandora ring (here). Again this was a present from my parents, it’s a super simple twist design ring. I am hoping to keep building up my ring collection because I really enjoy the look.
I’m sure if you’ve read my blog before you’ll have seen this watch (here) a few times. I got it as a Christmas gift and I love the simplicity of it. Similarly to the watch featured in in my previous Everyday Accessories post, it’s gold and black which I think is really classic and timeless.
The necklace I picked up on sale in Topshop. It’s gold plated and has a layered effect. I’ve been looking for a necklace like this for ages and i’m really glad I found this gem for £8. I like the fact that it’s gold because I really like wearing mixed metals, it also means that it matches my watch face.
Last but not least, another pair of wayfarer style sunglasses. These are from Topshop, I think the style suits my face shape and although I’ve never had a pair of tortoise shell sunglasses I’m really glad that I picked these up. I personally think they’re slightly more wearable than an all black pair.
So that’s it. The jewellery and accessories I wear every single day. I hope you liked this post, also apologies for my absence, I haven’t really felt like posting so I didn’t want to force it.
See you soon!

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  1. Verna Ford says:

    It seems that you've gotten a lot of the good stuff from Topshop. It was where you picked up your necklace, as well as your wayfarer-style sunglasses. It is always great to have a go-to place for all the accessories which you might need, such as jewelry that is essential.

    Verna Ford @ Jacobs The Jewellers

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