Meet my Dogs

Hi guys, so I wanted to do a fun blogpost today, talking about my dogs. Enjoy!
My family have three beautiful orange roan Cocker Spaniel dogs. We have Dottie who is 5 years old and we got her when she was 8 weeks old. We have had two litters of puppies from her.

Dottie as a puppy with Rosie.

When Dottie had her second litter of pups we noticed that there was something wrong with one of the pups’ back legs. We took him to the vets and he had to have his back leg amputated! Before this we were sure we weren’t going to keep any of the puppies but this changed our minds and we decided from that point that we would keep him and call him Max. Max is about a year and a half old now and he is just like the other dogs, playful, crazy and full of life. You wouldn’t even know he only has three legs!

Max sleeping.

Our final dog is also Dottie’s son and Max’s brother. His name is Ben and he is just as lovely as the other two. I always call him Beana for some reason haha. They all love cuddles and we love fussing them all the time. Dottie had a third son in her second litter and my Nan and Grandad fell in love with him and decided that they wanted him. So all of the brothers are still in our family and we see Teddy (the third brother) all the time.

Ben snoozing.

I honestly can’t imagine what our house would be like without these three dogs, they’re definitely crazy but that kind of matches our crazy family! As you can see from the first picture which shows Dottie as a puppy, we had another dog, her name’s Rosie and again we had her from when she was a puppy. She’s a beautiful Golden Retriever with a heart of gold and she absolutely loved playing with the puppies and Dottie and definitely didn’t act her age (she was 11/12 when the boys were born.) Just before Christmas 2013 she got quite ill and my parents rushed her to the vets. She was diagnosed with cancer and my whole family were absolutely devastated. Sadly she passed away on the 26th of December and it’s safe to say that last Christmas was probably the hardest Christmas me and my family have been through. We all miss her so so much but I’m so thankful that she isn’t poorly anymore. She was such a lovely dog with a kind heart and loved any kind of affection. If any of you guys have dogs you’ll know what I mean when I say the house feels so empty without her. Obviously we have the Cocker’s but it’s not the same without Rosie. I don’t want this post to be sad but like I said Rosie only passed away a few months ago and I really just wanted you guys to know about her because she was amazing.

Here’s all the dogs play fighting together.
With Rosie just sleeping which she usually did, alllllll day haha.

I’m 100% sure that when I move out in a few years, I will definitely be getting a Golden Retriever as my first dog. Although they malt like crazy and there was always hair around the house haha.

I hope that you enjoyed this post, I will probably post a part two to ‘MEET MY DOGS’ where I’ll just shove a whole load of pictures that you guys can look through. Thanks for reading and if you have any dogs or your own be sure to link your instagram or twitter’s in the comments so that I can admire your dogs! Also if you have a blog and a dog (I’m a poet..) or any animal in fact you could treat this as a tag and write your own post and link it in the comments so I can check it out. Thanks for reading, bye guys.


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