Lyveden | Family Sunday

April 16, 2015
Hi guys, last Sunday me and my family decided to have a family adventure day. We took the dogs down to the river to have a little swim, took them home and then decided to go for a drive to Lyveden. I wasn’t expecting much but it was honestly amazing. It was not far to drive and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope you like the photos.

How incredible is this?!
We got a leaflet containing a map and lots of information and an audio guide (which we didn’t really use)

Some information about the history of Lyveden from the leaflet. “The garden and lodge at Lyveden were created by Sir Thomas Tresham between 1595 and his death in 1605. Sir Thomas planned Lyveden as a pleasure garden, fashionable in Elizabethan times, and a place of secret worship.”

There’s a really cool second hand book shed. 50p for paper backs and £1 for hard back books.
A children’s den which is full of things for children to play with and cute children’s binoculars.
Next to the children’s den is this huge ‘nest’ that you can add twigs to that you find while wandering the grounds.
There’s one staircase that was added so that people can access this little balcony.
The view from the little balcony.
The view out of the windows on the balcony.
We also walked around the surrounding fields which was beautiful.
This little bridge leads to the tiny island in the picture above.
We also went into the cafe for a slice of cake, the chocolate cake was particularly lovely. I’d really recommend visiting this amazing building, walking around I could picture the placed furnished and finished and while it’s a shame that it’s not I think it;s still amazing.

 So there are about 10% of the photos that I took while adventuring. I hope you like this post. My family and I hope to get out to see places like this more now that the weather’s improving significantly so expect to see more posts like this in the future. There’ll hopefully be a couple of new outfit posts up soon so look out for them and also, I’ll be in London this time next week and again a few days after that, one for leisure and one for a college trip to an exhibition so I’ll no doubt share some of that over here too.

See you soon.

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