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March 24, 2017

Hi everyone, I’m finally back with another post after waaaay too long. I’m not sure what it is but I feel like I’m in a bit of a slump at the moment, I’ve got so many ideas of things I’d like to post but then it comes down to producing the content and I just have zero motivation. That kinda explains why it’s taken me nearly two weeks to edit these photos and write this post (oops!). Anyway, I’m super happy to be sharing these outfit shots from a spontaneous day in London with Lori.(huge thanks Lori for taking all of these photos you’re a starrr)

JACKET – Topshop
I’ve been wearing this jacket non stop recently. It was actually my sister’s and I purchased a different biker style jacket from River Island. We both decided we liked the others’ jacket more so this is now mine and mine is now hers. I throw this jacket on top of almost every outfit and it’s going to be perfect transitioning into Spring.

This cropped jumper was a purchase I made on the day, it was super cold and I obviously didn’t dress appropriately for the weather so picked this up in grey too. I love how it fits and the arms are slightly bat winged which gives it an even closer feel.

JEANS – Topshop
I own around 6/7 pairs of Topshop jeans and these are my first non skinny jean from them. They’re the Hayden jeans in blue with extreme rip details. Not the most flattering fit (especially on the arse) but I love them none the less. They’re high waisted and I wear them with this ASOS belt to pull them in at the waist as I find it slightly more flattering. I don’t think Topshop sell this jean style now but I’m keeping my eye out for similar fits.

My throw-everything-in bag. Not secure for a day in London but I kept my money and cards in the zip pocket for extra security.

THE SHOES – Adidas Tubular
These freaking shoes are the new love of my life. I brought them on a whim just to see what they looked like on and they practically haven’t left my feet since. I’m not sure what the style is called but I do know they’re comfy AF and totally worth the investment. I pretty much only wear black/white/grey shoes and trainers so these fit perfectly in my wardrobe. I love the cracked leather effect detail on the back too, it just adds a little extra something to the shoe. 100% recommend.

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