January | Sunday Summary

February 12, 2018
Welcome to my new blog series. Albeit a little late for the first post, but that’s me in a nutshell…
A popular post a few years ago was ‘Sunday Summary’/ Lily Melrose’s ‘Sunday Portrait’. A post to sum up the week just gone. So, I thought I’d bring it back in 2018 in an attempt to record more/do more. I hope you enjoy it! I’m excited to sit down on a Sunday evening to write these posts so I hope you’ll like them too.
Today, obviously isn’t Sunday, and it’s also not January however I just wanted to do a quick little recap of a few things that happened in January.
1. I found out at the start of the month that I was voted employee of the month for December! I am really enjoying my job and try to put my all into every shift, so to receive some acknowledgement for it (and a voucher to buy more clothes) was amazing.
2. In January I decided that I wanted a little change around in my room. I’ve started it by getting rid of my mirrored wardrobes, adding drawers to store most of my clothes & I also purchased a HUGE mirror from IKEA that I’ve already taken a fair few selfies in front of. I’m hoping to get it totally finished and furnished by mid March, so look out for a little room tour soon.
3. Due to working in retail, it can be hard to meet up with work friends out of work as we all work different hours. But I drove to a fairly new shopping complex in my county with two work friends and did some shopping and had a lush dinner too. I want to try and do this more often.
4. Just after the new year I met up with Lori, one of my bestest friends. I haven’t had a proper catch up with her since she went off to Uni so we had so much to talk about. We went to Bill’s for a breakfast/brunch and ordered way too much yummy food.
5. In the same trip Lori and I played around with my new phone and got some outfit photos. Although I didn’t like how my face looked in most of them so they weren’t actually posted over her. One or two did appear on my instagram though!
6. I had a big wardrobe clearout this month too. I’ve had enough of keeping clothes ‘just in case’. They take up valuable storage space and end up unworn anyway. So I managed to get three bags full for recycling. More about that in a post soon.
7. I met my Auntie and Uncle’s new dog and OMG she is so small and precious, I WANT ONE.
8. Finally, I’m getting back into the swing of my little online shop. I ordered my most popular print in a higher quality than I can print, and am so pleased with how it turned out. I can’t wait to design more and get them printed to sell too.

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