I Want to be More Creative

January 6, 2015

I know my last couple of posts seem to suggest that I have little free time, but I’m determined to make time to get more creative. I’ve always been arty and love getting stuck in with creative projects. For two years prior to starting my Graphic Design course I did no art what so ever. As soon as I’d completed my Art GCSE I stopped doing anything that involved art. I have a feeling that the reason for this was that I didn’t really get a choice when doing my GCSE, you’re forced to work in a certain way to meet the criteria set by the exam board.

I really want my blog and YouTube channel to feature creative projects that other people can also get involved with. I really love doing art and wish for the future of my blog and channel to be filled with various projects from basic things to advanced projects that may take more time.

If you’re sitting reading this thinking ‘but I’m not good at art’ STOP. I believe that everyone can do art. It’s about expressing yourself and that’s the only thing that’s important. I don’t think art work can be good or bad, if you open your mind you’ll realise that art work is as good as you wish to interpret it. Since starting my college course I’ve slowly become confident with holding my work up in front of the rest of the class without feeling like my work isn’t as good as everyone else’s. Just because my work looks different to everyone else’s doesn’t mean it’s not as good. You simply created it in a different way. As I’ve said, art’s about expressing yourself and becoming inspired by things around you.

So that’s the plan. Lot’s of creative projects to spice up the ol’ blog and get my creative juices flowing. I also hope that this will help me get an idea of what parts of art I enjoy the most in hopes that I can get some kind of idea of what careers could be good for me.

I hope you’re excited about this because I am! Let’s get creative.

See you all soon x

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