Hyde Park and London Vlog | London 7TH-10TH July

July 21, 2016

Hi guys, I know this post is up a few days later than I hoped, I hadn’t got round to editing the little video until yesterday but it’s all ready to post now! The final day of our little London break was only a half day as our relatives had to get the airport in the afternoon. We visited the beautiful Hyde Park which is just incredible, I didn’t even realise how big it was. There’s so many different elements to it and even on an overcast day like Sunday it was still amazing.

We then walked up to Harrods and OMG I want it all, my dream Givenchy bag was in there *heart eyes emoji*. Absolute goals is all I can say about that haha. So below is some photos that I took in Hyde Park along with a little compilation video of the whole weekend (video at www.youtube.com/extrashani ). I hope you like it! See you soon.


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