Getting Back in the Saddle

If you read my last post all about my horse riding history, firstly congrats because it was very long and could be quite boring to none horsey people, secondly here’s the follow on post.

After my final time in the saddle 18 months ago I didn’t really think much of it for a while. Then Spring/Summer 2014 happened and I wished so desperately to be paddling in a river on horse back and going on evening rides. We were in Ireland in February last year and I had no desire to ride any of the ponies there, I’m not entirely sure why but I just didn’t feel like it. As the weather started getting better in England recently, I decided that on our last visit I would most definitely ‘get back in the saddle’ after all it really is like riding a bike, you never forget.

So I eased myself in gently and rode twice. Hot, a bit bothered and with one situation that could have ended up with me on the floor, I dismounted on Saturday evening with the biggest grin on my face. Everything that I did was pretty basic, just walk, trot and canter. I woke up on Sunday and my legs ached like nothing I’d felt before but it was amazing. I’m also blown away by the fact that my sisters rode ‘Paddy’ the pony. They’ve never properly ridden before so I was shocked but also very happy that they appear to have a similar interest to me.

Blogging is one my favourite hobbies, however it’s not physical in the sense that you’re doing strenuous exercise. I do it sitting in my bedroom on my laptop, usually under my duvet. Working at a riding school at the weekends involved everything that makes me happy; horses and ponies, teaching children and being out in the open air. I’ve now started the task of finding somewhere to ride again and possibly help out every once in a while. I went cold turkey with exercise 2 years ago and I really want to get my fitness back. I spend everyday apart from college days in my house working so I really think finding somewhere to ride again will be really good for me. Cross your fingers for me!


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