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December 20, 2015

I’ve set myself the task to become more Christmassy I thought I’d write a Christmas post, and as if by magic, I see a new tag grace my twitter timeline. Make sure you check out the original questions by Becky of HERE.

What better way to share my London Christmas photos too?! Enjoy.

So, on with the questions.
1. Favourite Christmas smell/scent?
I love Christmas pot pourri, I purchased some from Next at the start of December and that’s described as ‘a seasonal blend with notes of juicy orange, red berries and festive spices.’
2. Gingerbread or Candy Canes?
Most definitely candy canes, mint flavoured sweets are my favourite and I’m not the biggest fan of gingerbread. I wouldn’t say no to decorating a gingerbread house though!
3. Is your tree real or fake?
My family’s tree is fake. It’s a lot less hassle to be honest. We’ve got three cocker spaniels who are constantly getting all up in everyone’s business and I’m sure they’d take a fancy to a real Christmas tree. No hoovering up needles and having to find a way to discard of the tree after Christmas. Just put it in a box and keep it in the lift till next year.
4. Quality Street or Roses?
Quality Street, my faves being the caramel swirl, milk choice block and the green triangle. The latter is usually the first eaten in my house.
5. Do you dress up or down on December 25th?
Last year we went to my grandparents house where I dressed nicely but quite casual and the same on boxing day. This year it’ll be dressing up for an early Christmas dinner on Christmas eve and then definitely spending the whole of Christmas day in my pyjamas eating buffet food. We’ve chosen eating a Christmas dinner out on Christmas eve to spare us the task of cooking and cleaning ourselves.
6. Do you have any specific Christmas traditions?
Hmm, I guess when I was a kid we’d wake up super early and then me and my siblings would wait at the top of the stairs until my parents decided it was ‘a sensible time’ to go down and open our gifts. Gift opening is always the first thing that we do and then our grandparents come over/ we go over to theirs for lunch/dinner.
7. Any embarrassing Christmas moments that come to mind?
I can’t think of any. Not saying that they haven’t happened but nothing springs to mind.
8. Do you wake up early or late on Christmas day?
It used to be 5am, now that my siblings and I are getting older we can hold up till 7am. We’re usually waiting for my older brother to get up!
9. If you had a stocking where did you hang them?
I’m pretty sure we used to hang our stockings on the bannister. So then first thing in the morning we’d take our stockings to our parents’ room and then open the gifts in there, then downstairs to open more presents!
10. Favourite festive films?
The Holiday, a film that I tend to watch all year round happily. The Greatest Store in the World which has such a nice storyline and is slightly older than The Holiday.
11. Was there a present you always asked for as a child but never received?
My parents always treat us well at Christmas, like when I asked for a keyboard AND an electric drum set when I was about 11 (God knows what I thought I’d be able to do with them). The only thing I can think of is a horse, not realistic at all but I’m sure if I’d continued riding then they would have helped me get a horse myself.
12. What’s the best gift you received as a child?
Urm, this was only about 4 years ago but I got a compact Samsung camera and that really ignited the spark I had inside of me for photography and blogging. My first blog featured photos from this camera.
13. What is on top of your Christmas tree?
We’ve got a cute Santa on top of our tree. We alternate between that and a silver star.
14. Favourite festive food?
Christmas dinner wise, I love pigs in blankets and also stuffing. Sweet treats, I’ve got to say a Terry’s Chocolate Orange is my favourite.
15. Favourite Christmas activity?
First of all, unwrapping the presents but I love just laying on the sofa, preferably with the Gavin and Stacey Christmas Special on the tele.
So there it was, this was so fun to answer the questions and expect some Christmassy posts soon, mainly a Christmas eve outfit and the meal and then hopefully a Christmas day outfit and photos of the house too.
Thanks for reading.

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