Everything’s Against Me | Starting my Own Creative Business – June 2016

July 2, 2016

Hi everyone, today I’ve got a bit of a different post. For the longest time now I’ve been thinking up ideas of potential items that I could sell on my own online shop and finally last month I started the process. I’ve had the shop ready online for AGES, along with the relevant twitter and instagram handles. I thought I’d keep a little diary type series on my blog to document the process and I’ll be updating every month with how it’s going. So, here’s my June update.

After whittling down all of my ideas to a few potential products I set about the task of designing one to have it professionally printed. I really love designing phone cases so this was my first port of call. I used a site online and sent my design to them. Upon receiving three runs of the same order I wasn’t totally happy with the quality of the cases. If I’m selling something in my name I want it to be exactly how I envisioned it to be. So, I cancelled my order and went back to the drawing board. After plugging the hell out of my ‘G&T’ case for a fortnight I now had to tell customers that they weren’t going to be available for at least another couple of weeks until I found a new supplier. At this point I had ordered the packaging ready to post said cases (which also turned into a slight disaster when I was sent the wrong sized packaging).

I managed to find a lovely lady online who offered to print cases for me. The case was a really nice quality but it just wasn’t how I’d pictured it. They were also at the upper end of my budget, especially considering I would only be ordering small amounts at a time. So, again, I had to come up with a new plan. My Mum had been trying to convince me to produce my own cases for a while and I had done a little bit of research on the processes that can be used to print phone cases. This was really the only viable option, as I couldn’t find anywhere else online to print my cases.

I’m sat here on the first of July with everything I need to start producing my own phone cases. Apart from the heat paper that I need to print the designs onto (they were shipped separately by mistake) and without iPhone 6 cases as they’re out of stock until August! So, I’ve got a few other cases to play around with at the moment but it does seem like the world is trying to tell me something. But, hey ho, no one said this starting-your-own-business thing would be easy. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this will all work out for me and hopefully my July update will be a bit more cheery with some products to show you!

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