Don’t be Embarrassed About Something You Love

I’ve been away from my blog for a while but I plan to start posting every day or two from now on. 

Anyway, this post is totally inspired by a quote I saw on tumblr ( and I felt it was very fitting to something that happened in my life recently.

A lot of my year group knew one way or another that I have a blog. Only close friends knew what the name of my blog was and I’m not sure why but that was how I liked it to be.

The thought of people from my school potentially talking about it behind my back, good or bad terrified me. I had a total panic when one of my best friends retweeting one of my tweets, thus enabling a lot of my year group to see my active twitter account and therefor being able to find out my blog URL. What if people say horrible things about it? What if people think it’s weird?

But then I thought about it, I’ve been doing this blogging thing since January 2013 and I really enjoy it. If anyone has a negative opinion of it then I don’t really wish to be associated with that person.

Do what YOU love and do it often.
(NOTE TO SELF: must blog more!)

More posts coming really soon guys, bye.

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