Dear Future Self

I love writing reminders/goals for myself on my blog and this post is no exception. I’m writing to my future self.

Stop worrying about the future. Stop planning so far ahead. Your life can change in a single moment so stop thinking that everything is permanent, stop worrying about where you might live or who you might live with, what job you might be doing and if it’s something you’ll enjoy. IT HAS NOT HAPPENED YET. Stop fretting about the future because you waste your present with every single worry you have for the future. If what you fear may arise in the future does, then deal with it then not now. The problem may not even occur and then you’ll have just wasted your time.

If you’re worrying too much;

IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY then go for a walk, clear your mind and remind yourself that nothing lasts forever. Do what feels right in your heart, stop thinking so much and just do. Live in the present and do what you love. Everything works out well in the end, it has before and it will again.

IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT then go to sleep. The worst time to think is when you’re alone in your silent dark room. Every issue or fear that you have is multiplied by one thousand. Don’t lose sleep worrying about what feels like the end of the world because you’ll wake up in the morning and realise the problem isn’t even a problem.

Realise that this is your life, make the choices that feel right for you. Your actions now will shape the future so either fill your future with fear and negativity or fill it with hope and positivity for things to come. I know it’s easier said than done but believe your past self, everything will be just fine.


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