College is out for Summer!

I cannot believe I’ve finished the first year of my Graphic Design course at college. Just to recap, I finished school at 16, endured two of the worst years of my life at sixth form and then decided to stay in education, instead of going to University to pursue something that no longer fuelled my fire. Finishing college for the Summer is good news on the blog and YouTube channel front because it means I’ve got more free time to write, film and edit. If I’m honest it’s been a weird final few weeks at college. Everyone else was really excited for the Summer, as was I, however I’m also kind of worried. Mainly because I loved my weekly routine, I love my course, the people on the course and everything else about college. It’s the only place that has made me realise that it’s totally fine to not know what your next step is going to be and this has been a huge comfort to my over active brain which used to run career ideas every second of the day.

This year I’ve learnt so much about Graphic Design and also myself. I’ve had the time to come up with ideas for potential careers when I finish college in a year, work for my Mum’s business (which I will now be doing almost full time until college starts again in September) and also it’s given me plenty of time to write on my blog too. In previous years that I spent in education I’ve been really excited for the Summer because I hated where I was, so it’s a very weird feeling when you don’t actually want to finish for the Summer because you know you’ll miss the place. It’s been stressful with 9 unit deadlines in one year but I’ve enjoyed every second of it.

I’ve voiced my fear to my best friend on the course. I’m worried that I’ll just spend the whole time inside, in the safe proximity of my home. I struggle to push myself to do more things with my friends and I’ve always been like this. I see my house as a safe zone and I’m very much an introvert. I know that even if I don’t really want to go somewhere, I will enjoy it in the end. I’ve decided to create a list of things I hope to do this Summer in hopes that, after writing it down for others to read I’ll feel slightly ‘forced’ to do everything so I can tick them all off at the end of the Summer.

I hope if you’re in education that you’ve had/are having a nice final few weeks and I’ll see you soon with lots more content from now on. Bye guys.


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