Brighton – 19.07.2017 – 21.07.2017 | Photo Diary

September 24, 2017

It’s been an AGE since I actually visited Brighton with Lori, however I still really wanted to document the trip so I hope you enjoy! We headed straight to the beach after checking in to our hotel. And I had a little surprise up my sleeve for Lori’s birthday. We went on the i360! I booked the last slot of the evening, it wasn’t busy at all and (thankfully) the rain held off for the evening and we had wonderful views of Brighton all around us. I’d definitely recommend going on the i360 if you’re ever in Brighton.
I’m a huge fan of Brighton, even though I’ve only visited twice(?!). A bustling city by the sea is just the perfect mixture for me. How cute is this little beach hut/shop. There’s always new things to see and little independent businesses around ever corner, The Lanes is another fave of mine and I couldn’t help but imagine some of my products sitting on the shelves of a few of the little shops. (A girl can dream ay!)
We sat in the Pavillion Gardens for a couple of hours one morning and it was so perfect. Peaceful, sunny and with a view of the incredible architecture. We certainly made the most of our hotel being just a 5 minutes walk from the beach because we spent about 75% of our time exploring the pier, the beach huts and the pebble beach.
I’m mad at myself for how late (2 months) this post is but as I said at the start, I really wanted to document it regardless so I hope you like the photos I took! See you soon.

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