Before I Turn 19…

October 28, 2014

Hi guys, I turned 18 over two months ago and I’ve been meaning to write a post listing a few of the things that I hope to do or achieve before I turn 19. I’m hoping to use this post as a checklist over the next year.

1. Start Driving
I NEED to start driving soon. It hasn’t really been a priority for me but I think that it will help me gain more independence and I also have more time on my hands now.

2. Reach 250 blog followers
It would be an absolute dream if 250 people followed my blog on bloglovin, there’s a link in the side bar of my blog if you want to follow me 🙂 To do this I need to keep posting regularly which I also hope to do for the next year.

3. Reach 1000 subscribers
I haven’t started my channel yet but I will be very soon. For some reason I think that gaining YouTube subscribers is a little bit easier than gaining blog followers so I’ll guess we’ll seen next year! I’ll be posting my videos on my blog so that you can keep up to date when I do start posting videos.

4. Start my own small business
If you didn’t already know I am currently at college studying graphic design. I love every aspect of it and would love to encorporate some of the skills that I am learning to create phone cases and possibly even graphic tees. I think I’ll start looking into it in the new year. For now I’ll just doodle some designs and see what happens.

5. Go out of my comfort zone
I want to go on spontaneous adventures (assisted by me completing number 1 on this list). I’d love to go to either France or Italy next Summer. I also just generally want to say to yes to doing more things and do things that I wouldn’t usually do.

6. Record everything
Photographs, drawings, videos, anything. I love being able to look back at days out or things that I’ve done be it looking back at a video or a blogpost that I’ve written in the past. I really enjoy looking back at memories and this last point on my list also makes me want to do more exciting things.

I’d urge everyone to write a little list of things they hope to do then review it maybe a weeks later, a month later or like me a year later. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you soon.

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