Beetroot Brownies (Dairy Free)

February 20, 2019

I love brownies, I mean, who doesn’t? I’ve seen a lot of beetroot brownies floating around the internet in the past, I always aim to make some but never actually do. So last week I actually did! Here’s the recipe that I used, but I did change up a couple of the steps to make it dairy free (chocolate may contain traces of milk), and also prevent having to boil the beetroot myself.

I weighed out all of the ingredients, and used sunflower spread as the dairy free alternative to butter. I also brought cooked beetroot (in natural juices) instead of the uncooked. I heated this up by placing in a bowl, covering with cling film and microwaving for a couple of minutes. I continued to follow the standard recipe, here’s a couple of ‘during’ images.

I’d say maybe bake them for a little longer than the recipe states, because they were very moist, especially in the middle. It was a pretty easy recipe to follow, and I served them with strawberries. I’d say they’re not quite as nice as ‘normal’ brownies, and if you think about the fact they’re made with beetroot you can start to taste it a little. But they are a slightly healthier alternative, and you might even like them more!

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