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Hi guys, a couple of weeks ago I was browsing blogs (as usual) and came across a gorgeous post by Sarah Ashcroft/ thatpommiegirl. I absolutely adore her style and her love of trainers. I wear trainers almost everyday without fail, with my black and white Nike Free 5.0’s being my most worn pair in the past several months. One of my Christmas gifts from my parents was a pair of black and white Old Skool Vans that I totally love, I really like the edge they add to an outfit and they’re a lot less sporty than the Nikes. Another pair of shoes I wear all the time are my black and white Converse. Sense a theme here?
I ended up feeling in a little bit of a trainer rut (?!) so was on the quest to find another pair of perfect trainers that weren’t totally monochrome. That’s when I saw these on one of Sarah’s posts. They’re the platinum and white Nike Air Max Thea’s. Before I continue, I owned a pair of Air Max when I was 13/14 and very much a tomboy. I never thought I’d find a pair of Air Max that I liked until I saw these. I contemplated buying them for only a couple of days before I decided to just buy them.

When they arrived I was so glad I made the purchase. I feel like no matter how many pairs of boots and other shoes I buy, I’ll always opt for trainers where acceptable and these are no exception. These trainers are perfect for transitioning into Spring and I’m really excited to style them and post them on my blog more. Compared to my Nike Free 5.0’s they are slightly less comfy due to having quite a lot of structure to them. Personally I’d say these are most definitely ‘fashion trainers’ whereas my other Nikes are 100% for comfort. Below is an outfit that I posted on Instagram, I went for a super casual look and some what boyish with the shirt and bomber jacket. One of the main things that I love about these trainers is that they add some interest to the bottom half of an outfit. When I’m wearing just black skinny jeans and then black shoes I feel like the bottom half of me looks really plain and boring so these trainers really break up the black that I’m regularly sporting (pretty much daily).
So, there you are, a little write up of the newest item in my wardrobe. You’ll most definitely be seeing these on the blog loads so look out for the different ways I’m going to style them. Or I might just end up wearing them with a T-shirt and jeans like I usually do haha

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