A Week in the Cotswolds – August 2016

August 31, 2016
Hi guys, today I really wanted to share some photos from the start of August on my blog. So, on the 5th of August we jumped in the car (Mum, Dad, sisters, dogs and I) and drove to the Cotswolds. I’ve always wanted to visit the Cotswolds so we rented a little holiday home in a village called Little Coxwell. I’d say it was in a pretty perfect location for us and we has a closed garden at the back for the dogs which was great.
This was the first holiday that Ben and Max had been on and they were so good, despite Ben being petrified in the car all the way there 🙁 These photos don’t really have an order but they’re just a few that I took throughout the week and wanted to document them here. I hope you like them!
The dogs settled in really quickly and thankfully stayed off the furniture too!

Ellie and I made good use of the floor length mirror that was in the main living area
We drove and walked up above the Whitehorse, the views were absolutely incredible.
The buildings in the surrounding villages and towns were incredible too

We walked up to Faringdon Folly where, again, the views were breathtaking.
We had such a lovely week just relaxing, taking some time out from work and walking around cute quaint towns and villages with the three dogs in tow. I’d definitely recommend the Cotswolds for a quiet getaway from reality. There’s also a little designer outlet not too far away where we spent a bit too much money in Calvin Klein, but hey, it was discounted so it doesn’t actually count right?

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