A Sunday at Wells-Next-the-Sea

August 30, 2015
Hi everyone. I’m currently sat on the sofa in my pyjamas snuggled up with my dogs on a very gloomy, dark and rainy afternoon. In an attempt to lighten my mood and to help me get off my butt to do all the things on my to-do list I thought I’d share these photos.
So a couple of Sunday’s ago me and my family decided to go for a little trip to the seaside with all the dogs too. This is the first time the boys (dogs) have been to the seaside so we took them to play in the water and on the sand. I took my new camera to play around with it and I’m really happy with some of the images. I hope you like them too.

Even though it took 2 and a half hours of travelling each way just to spend an afternoon I think it was definitely worth it because we have a lovely few hours just relaxing in the sunshine on our picnic blanket.

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