A Catch Up

November 26, 2017

Wow, it’s been a while! Please forgive me for my absence, I’ve been pretty busy recently. I thought I’d just chat through what’s been going on in my life during the past two/three months, before I *attempt* to get back into the routine of posting here every week or so.

At the start of September I took my driving test for the first time, and I passed! I was so thrilled to have passed first time and was even more excited to not have to pay for another driving lesson again. However, at that point, I wasn’t too fussed to get a car straight away so didn’t really start looking.

I didn’t really tell anyone about this, be in September I also found a new job. It was (vaguely) Graphic Design relearns and I was excited at the prospect of having a temp job until Christmas. I applied for a FT position and was assured I would be able to take it PT so that I could carry on helping my Mum out with her business, and continue trying to grow my own.

I had my first day and knew by the end that, unfortunately, it wasn’t the job for me. This confirmed that I CANNOT spend the whole day sitting at a desk staring at a computer screen. So, I explained to my boss that it wasn’t going to work out and carried on my search.

I realised after my past experience, that I perhaps did need to be a little more picky. I have a decent amount of qualifications and have interests in both Graphic Design and Fashion. So I kept looking, knowing that my ‘perfect’ job wouldn’t be too easy to come by. I applied to a few clothing shops but due to my Graphic Design based Cv was turned down. Then, when I thought all hope was lost, I found a part time permanent position at a local clothing store. I spent an evening adding my love for fashion to my CV and applied.

I didn’t hear back for a couple of weeks so assumed I hadn’t been successful, however later got a phone call offering me an interview. A week after this they offered me the job! I’ve been working for just over two weeks now and love it already. There’s also been lots of overtime offered to me that I’ve been more than willing to take.

So, yeah. I didn’t realise how enjoyable a job in retail could actually be and I’m so excited for the future, and using things that I learn about the industry to further my blog. I’m hoping to create loads more fashion posts in the New Year, so look out for that.

When I knew I’d got the job, the speed of the car search increased rapidly. I really wanted a MINI as my first car, but with the cost of insurance, tax etc I knew it wouldn’t be possible. So I settled for a Black Renault Clio, it’s been super reliable, not too expensive to insure and is pretty good on petrol too. Of course, I’m still looking forward to the day I can get myself a MINI!

So, that’s that. A new job, a new car, no longer studying (yay!). I need to get into a good routine with everything, and as soon as I do I’ll be spending as much time as I possibly can on my shop and blog!

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