2019 Goals

January 3, 2019

I love setting myself goals. Setting myself some goals to achieve through the year gives me so much purpose and motivation. I don’t think that it’s vital to set goals/resolutions at all if you don’t want to. But I find a new year so inspiring to work out what you’d like to accomplish for the fresh year ahead.

01. Create a more healthy lifestyle for myself. Near the end of 2018 I began running, mainly for my mental wellbeing, however I’m loving that changes that I’m seeing in my body too. I want to focus a little more on having a healthier, well rounded, diet and start doing workouts to target certain areas of my body, as well as continuing with my cardio.

02. Last year saw me becoming interested in learning more about our impact on the planet. This year I was to cut down on my meat and dairy intake, make a conscious effort to use less plastic, and also change my clothes shopping habits too. On a similar vain, I’m so excited to write about things that matter, like fast fashion, sustainable brands and so on.

03. In 2019 I want to spend more time doing things I love. That’s adventuring in new places, styling and shooting outfits and sharing things on my blog. I’m saving for a new camera so that I can really focus on the photography side of my site, and start shooting some self portraits too. I want to experiment with different styles and really find out what sort of photography represents me best.

04. Get my ears repierced and get a tattoo or two. The last couple of years I have wanted to get some tattoos, but I’ve never been totally sure on the design I want. The permanency of them terrifies me. But there’s some designs that I’ve been toying with the idea of for a fair while now, so maybe this year will be the year.

05. So, that’s a few of my goals for this year. I’ve got lots of little ones jotted down in my bullet journal too. Oh, that’s the final one for this short list, bullet journal frequently! I’m a bit of a design geek, so being able to design my own spreads is fun and also means that I can create the perfect spread for my needs. I’ve ditched my old blog planning notebook and will just have a diary/blog planning book in one.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading a few of my goals for this year, are you a goal setter? Let me know one of your goals for the year.

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