2018 Goals & 2017 Goals Review

January 25, 2018

Hi, welcome to 2018! As I do every year, I’m looking back at my goals for 2017, reviewing them and setting some new goals for 2018. I’m aware this post is super late considering it’s almost February already, however I didn’t want to miss this post as I’ve done something similar to this every new year. Enjoy.


GET A TATTOO – So, this is one goal that I didn’t accomplish in 2017 however I did get another two ear piercings so I’m sort of half way there. So a tattoo goal will have to carry on into this year!

TRAVEL & ADVENTURES – I travelled to Barcelona in February, visited Brighton with my best friend and went to Derbyshire with family. Although they don’t sound particularly crazy, they were so lovely and  I definitely plan on visiting more places this year.

PASS MY DRIVING TEST & BUY A CAR – I DID IT! I passed my driving test first time AND brought a car too. A very basic car but a car none the less. It gets me from A to B so it will do me for now.

UNI WORK – I managed to complete all of my work in time for my final deadline of the year and then decided to not go back to college for another year.
In terms of the other goals that I’d set myself, I didn’t reach any of the number goals I’d hope to for my social media, blog or small business but I’m still happy with what I managed to achieve this year. It’s important to remember that setting goals is good, but it’s not the be all and end all and it certainly doesn’t change how successful your year was!


GET A TATTOO – I still desperately want a tattoo. But I’m still waiting for the perfect idea to come into my head, I think it’ll happen this year.

CHANGE MY LOOK – I feel like I’m becoming confident in my clothing choices and am trying to come out of my comfort zone when it come to what I wear. With this I’d love to change my hair pretty drastically. I have ideas but no plans set in stone, but look out for it in due course!

GET A NEW CAR – As previously stated, I’m happy with my car but it’s nowhere near being my ideal car. Hopefully this year I’ll have at least saved some money to put towards a better car, if not have purchased one by 2019.

TRAVEL – Now that I’ve got my car there isn’t anything stopping me travelling to places around England when the weather brightens up a bit, I’m so excited for some little Summer road trips!

MY SHOP – I run a little website called Shani Coles Designs. This year I want to focus on designing quality products and have them produced so they’re ready for me to just ship out to my lovely customers.

ART/DESIGN – I’m also planning on doing some different creative things, for fun but also to sell on my website so keep an eye out in the next few months.

MY BLOG – Goal 1. ACTUALLY POST HERE. I was useless last year with posting on my blog, but I hope that now I’ve settled into my new job and I have means of transport that I’ll be able to post at least one blog post a week most weeks.
Goal 2. I’d love to work with a fashion brand this year, since getting my job in fashion retail I’ve realised how much I enjoy fashion so it would be great to add more fashion content to my site.

So there it is. Certainly not a pretty post, but I wanted to pop this up before anything else in 2018 so I can find it easily next time I come to do this post! Next up is a little summary of 2017, more of a diary entry than a blogpost but hey, this is my online diary after all x

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