January 1, 2017

Every year I like to look back at my year month by month, pick my favourite blogpost of the month and highlight anything significant that’s happened in my year. So, prepare for a rambly post and I hope you like reading.

January is usually quite a relaxed one for me, nothing too exciting happens and doesn’t everyone wallow in self pity a little now the festivities are over?
Went on a little photo adventure with Lori, fell a little bit in love with my local town again (not loads but a little bit). I made a stop motion video after being inspired by a college project.
Not many posts this month. But, the weather improves and I start feeling positive about life again. (Thank you sunshine for helping me put the world to rights!)
Lori and I shot an outfit post at the start of the month which I LOVE. I visited London for the day with my Mum to attend the Pick Me Up Exhibition at Somerset House, I’ll be going again next year for sure. I also started the #100dayproject where I aimed to post my progress on Instagram in the build up to starting my business, I did fail that but the business starting was not a total fail.
I did a few things in May. My family and I visited Northern Ireland to see our family, it’s so relaxing there. It’s nice to have a bit of time to just sit and do nothing at all. We also had a family wedding this month and can I just say, I LOVED MY OUTFIT. Then my college class took a trip to Oxford, it was a big of a grey day but fun none-the-less.
Lori headed to America to take part in Camp America and MY GOD I blooming missed her!
I broke up from college at some point in June (can’t remember exactly when). So, I started working on my little business idea. I also went to Birmingham for a day with my sisters to do some shopping at The Bullring.
At the end of June I ordered some phone cases with one of my hand drawn designs on it. That didn’t work out at all, the quality was just nowhere near where I hoped it would be so after a bit of back and forth with the company I decided to just return the third lot they’d sent out to me. I felt like I was pretty much back at square one and further away from my goal once again.
We spent a day at Walton-on-the-Naze in a beach hut that we rented for the day from Millie’s Beach Huts. Even though I got awful sunburn we had such a lovely day and it was so nice to have somewhere to get out of the sun for a while.
I ended up giving up the search for a different printed phone case supplier and said cheerio to quite a lot of money to buy the equipment I’d need to print them myself.
August was really exciting, I attended my first ever meet up that was organised in Leicester. This was my first ever blogger event and I seriously had the best time. I met SO many lovely bloggers from my area and I felt so motivated and inspired.
I turned 20. Finally feeling like I’m an adult and that my goals and aspirations might be taken a little more seriously. I spent the day shopping in Milton Keynes (and eating Italian nachos at Jamie’s Italian).
My family all visited the Cotswolds for a week. All 5 of us (my brother stayed at home) and the 3 dogs hopped in the car and drove to the Cotswolds where we stayed in super cute accommodation. Again, a much needed relaxing break for all of us.
I also listed my first few items on my Etsy shop and began typing up my journey of becoming a small business owner.
I spent the majority of September working on more phone case designs for my shop and getting ready to go back to college at the end of September. At this time I also got invited to attend the Lush Leicester Christmas Event where we got to see the products in store before they were for sale in the shops.
This month Lori returned and I booked to start driving lessons. They started off really well and I felt quite confident.
October was fun filled, I attended the Intu Derby Christmas Fashion Event which definitely fits my blog theme so well. I had such a lovely time with Emmie and lots of other lovely bloggers. We had such a laugh before and after the event too. Highlights include running, soaked to Primark (many lols).
Then, in the middle of the month I hopped on a plane with my little sister to Paris! A city I’ve always wanted to visit and we met a couple of family and friends over there. I love taking a few days out to just explore somewhere new and Paris certainly didn’t disappoint. I’d love to head there again in 2017.
Lori and I headed to a really cool Garden at the end of the month where we shot my all time favourite outfit post ever. I’m so happy with the photos and I’m so excited to get out in the New Year to shoot many more.
Following on from my driving lessons starting in September, I started feeling so nervous before and during my lessons and it was clear that my instructors style of teaching jus was not working for me and made me petrified to get behind the wheel. I tried to stick it out but decided it was best to stop lessons for the time being until I found another instructor.
I spent AGES sorting through my Paris photos and posting my blog post with my favourite few photos. I’m also in the process of editing the little video that I filmed while I was there, a little vlog to capture the memories.
I started December with the intention of taking part in Blogmas, where you post every day of December in the build up to Christmas. I didn’t end up posting once. I was busy working and I had two Uni deadlines as well so I just prioritised, at least it means I’ve got 20+ Christmas post ideas for next year (every cloud ay!).
I found a new driving instructor and I’m getting on so much better with her. It’s a miracle, I no longer feel worried when I’m driving and I’m exciting to continue lessons in the New Year.
Finally, I’ve been spending the last few days relaxing to the max. Nothing like some time off to become reinspired and take some time for yourself. All refreshed ready for another year of hard work.

Now, when I did this post last year I simply picked my favourite posts of each month but, due to the fact sometimes my posts were few and far between, here’s just my favourite few from the whole year.



What a blooming fab year, it started off kinda slow but as we got into the middle of the year I really found my stride and manage to start my little business. Looking back at my outfit posts I love how confident I have become with these. I can’t wait to shoot even more in the New Year. I’m still really enjoying my Graphic Design course and FINALLY I’m learning how to drive. Not a bad end to the year if I do say so myself. See you in 2017!

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