Hi guys, today I thought I’d share a breakdown of my year with you. I did this last year (HERE) and really wanted to do it again. So, here’s my 2015 along with my favourite post of each month.


With the start of the new year I felt super inspired and had lots of ideas that I wanted to materialise into posts. This meant I managed to post 14 times. A lot of these posts were quite personal but it really gave me a great outlet. I started the year with a clear mind.
This post is quite short but quality over quantity hey? This is a post that I always go back to when I’m feeling worried for the future, it’s so therapeutic and the video featured it awesome.
I travelled to Loughborough to visit one of my friends at University. While I was there I plucked up the courage to shoot an outdoor outfit post. I had so much fun and my confidence grew ten fold on this day. I also did a little blog redesign in February, I find that it really helps me to refocus and makes me love my blog that little bit more.
On a whim I offered to visit Brighton with said friend for a night so that she didn’t have to go alone for a University interview. I travelled alone the the train for 2 and a half hours each way. I felt so proud of myself and realised that traveling really is something that I need to do a lot more.
At the end of March my family and I went to visit family in Northern Ireland. This trip carried on through the first few days of April. They live in the middle of nowhere and it’s so nice to just go over and relax for a week or so. While in Ireland I did a little bit of horse riding again, this is something I used to do every single weekend but as I’ve gotten older it’s been much more difficult to keep it up. Very good for body and mind. I also popped to a local park with Lori to shoot another outfit. This was so much fun, the sun made an appearance as well which is always nice.
When we got back from Ireland we decided we needed to start doing more things together as a family. One of these things was visiting places around where we live. We went to Lyveden to see the New Beild which is so cool and a little bit creepy too. I decided to bring back ‘My Everyday Accessories’ post by doing an updated version. I love how simple these posts are to put together and it’s also nice to look back at what accessories I wore previously compared to what I wear now.
In May I visited London a couple of times; once with my college and once with one of my friends. We went to hyde park and the sun was shining all day, probably the best day I’ve ever had in London. The weather meant that I managed to take loads of lovely sunny photos.


In July, Lori and I managed to shoot three blogposts in about half a day. If I’m honest, some of them are my all time favourite posts. I particularly like the outfit that I posted in June. On Father’s Day my family and I decided to go out for the day, again it was really nice weather so we had such a lovely day. This is one of the reasons that I love documenting my life on my blog, so many happy memories that would otherwise go without being looked at. At the end of June I broke up from college, even though I knew I’d miss the atmosphere of college I still really appreciated the break and the time to just relax for a while.


Not much happened in July, like I said, I was just enjoying the time off before returning to college for a hectic second year. I only posted three times however I’m really happy with the content. That’s something that I really need to remember even now, only post blogposts that I’M happy with. I published a couple of the posts that I shot with Lori in June, all of which I love. I really need to start posting more hair posts on my blog, it’s a great way for me to find new styles and also a way for me to share any that I create myself.

In August I turned 19, something that I still can’t quite believe. I posted my first video which was a Summer Lookbook. I decided to private the video though because when we filmed it I was limited to just an iPhone camera which doesn’t make for very nice viewing. I did enjoy editing it though as it gave me plenty of practise and like they say, practise makes perfect.
Another first, I posted my first DIY/Interiors post and again this is something that I wish to post a lot more this year. It’s just a case of setting aside some time to crack on with it.
In August I visited Ireland with my mum and my sisters and while there I was playing was an 1100D, I’ve been wanting a camera for AGES and when the camera that I wanted was on sale my Mum kindly brought it for me as an early birthday present. At this point my blog photos’ quality went up immensely.
My first proper ‘outing’ with my new camera was an early birthday-day, we headed to the nearest beach with my dogs in the boot. It was such a nice relaxed day, not entirely sure if it was worth the 4+ hour driving but it was lovely none-the-less.


September saw me start college again for my second and final year of Graphic Design. I had such mixed emotions because it honestly blew my mind how quickly first year went, before I know it it’ll be over. *extremely sad face*. Back to college meant my blogging slacked a little, only one post this month but of course education comes first. Clearly I was spending my stress because this post was a haul.


In October I managed to post a couple of outfits, I also took my little sister and her friend to London for my sister’s 15th birthday. It felt so nice that I was able to direct us around and I actually really enjoyed being responsible for two other people. This was also the first time that I visited Lush Oxford Street which was also amazing.
November was month of big changes on my blog, I was so dissatisfied with my blog design and layout so when i saw PipDig had a Black Friday sale I grabbed myself a simple but lovely blog design.  I do study Graphic Design but unfortunately we aren’t study any web design which sucks. Anyway, I tried my best to redesign it myself and it just wasn’t going how I wanted it to.
As soon as I installed my new design there was only one more thing that I felt I wanted to do, that was buy a blog domain. So I did, and I’m so happy with it. I think my blog just looks so much more professional now and it’s so nice going into the new year with a fresh design and fresh ideas.


In December I went to London with some college friends. It was so nice exploring and was the first time in London since getting my new camera so I really enjoyed using it to film some little bits and I took hundreds of photos. I managed to take photos for posts about different shops. (The final one will be live soon). This lead me to my favourite shop We Built This City which is one of my favourite shops. They shared my post which is now my most viewed post! I’m so happy with how it turned out. It’s definitely my favourite post of the year.
Finally, a couple of days before Christmas Lori and I went to Stamford for the afternoon and as usual we found a lovely spot and Lori took loads of outfit photos for me. I’m so much more confident now shooting outfits than at the start of the year, and hopefully my confidence will only continue to grow.
For Christmas we went out for dinner on Christmas eve to allow for a really chilled Christmas Day and then my relatives from Northern Ireland came over for New Years. I had such a lovely break from college too.


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